DSGT’s patented technology represents one of the most significant and revolutionary steps forward in defence since perhaps the invention of the gun itself. - No idle claim...


DSGT’s technology opens up a completely new world of capabilities and represents a quantum leap for users in special forces and navies.


DSGT’s technology gives ships, soldiers, sailors, submariners and airmen revolutionary new capabilities; saving lives and protecting liberty.


Many companies claim their role in the supercavitating world. Only DSG Technology, an international high-tech firm, has researched, developed and patented Supercavitation to its full potential

Game changing!"

All i want for christmas!"

A revolution in military affairs!"

- NATO NIAG member

- Commander & Head of branch,

                               Norwegian Military

- Leading NATO UWCG member

15 - 18 May, 2017

Would be fatal!"

- Norwegian trial member, about

           the target after testing our MEA

Please address any requests for demonstration to demo@dsgtec.com.

DSG Technology are present in a large amount of trade shows through our local partners.


Please contact us if you want to know if we are present through local partner to a local show.

30 May - 1 June, 2017

12 - 15 Sept, 2017

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9 - 11 Oct, 2017