MEA supercavitating ammunition delivers new ASW

capabilities for new applications:


Ship defense against torpedoes, semi-subs

- ‘last resort’ hardkill solution

- complementary defensive layer to softkill or ATT


Low Angle Capabilty














Thus only MEA Supercavitating Ammunition can be used from low angle needed to fire from ships.



Proven Anti-Torpedo Effect


30 mm cavitating core (underwater projectiles)

Shooting of inert 324 mm MK-46 type torpedo in seawater at 125 m.



































Armed UUVs for multiple roles















-Tactic-changing helicopter deterrent

-Fire against helicopters/ MPA aircraft from beneath surface

-Shallow or steep angles from water

-12.7mm effective from 5-10m depth to 1000m above water

-May deploy from submarine (no modification necessary to sub)

-Even with approximate targeting, UUV could be effective deterrent against helicopter

-Quick and relatively inexpensive to test and deploy

-Underwater (dry barrel) gun mount design gives even higher performance



















Enhanced Mine Counter Measures

-Not just from helicopters






















Swarming Surface or Submerged Threats

-Ship defense using standard weapons


Midget Sub/Semi-Submersible

- like a bigger, slower torpedo


Swarming Surface Attack Boats

- MEA not deflected by waves, even at low angles (>2 degrees)

- Bullets pass through waves/air and penetrate

target above or below surface


Standard Weapons

- CIWS with automated fire control

- .50 caliber deck gun
















Wet gun operation – air or water (some weapon types may not work in water).


Diver protection and enhanced diver capabilities.


Anti-piracy – shoot into air from under water, or into water from air at low angles.


Anti-piracy/terrorism – use 7.62mm or 12.7mm against small boats’ hulls or engines.

-penetrate steel with small calibre beneath water, even from small boats.


Harbour protection, anti-propeller/rudder, non-lethal disabling of vessels .


Arm UUVs or Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (with 7.62mm or 12.7mm).


Submerge sniper positions (12.7mm up to 5m depth is effective up to 1000m in air).


Effective sand, mud penetration may be useful against IEDs or mud-constructions.


• One round, more capabilities, standard weapon.