Our Loads

Three different loads to ensure perfection

During years of research and development, we tested a variety of powder types and loads with our suite of products in different calibers. We have refined these results into three different loads, tested to achieve specific outcomes. While driven by specific usage profiles, the loads are applicable to overlapping environmental conditions and objectives.

The Loads explained

This is an overview of our three different loads and the capabilities they bring to our products. For detailed information about performance and BC data on each load and caliber please see our product sheets. 

X2 loads offer capabilities previously unavailable to warfighters. While usable as a universal load, behind supercavitating CAV-X™ projectiles the X2 is tuned to safely, reliably fire submerged weapons systems at targets above and below the surface. A true MEA™, CAV-X™ with the X2 load transitions seamlessly out of the water, bringing unmatched versatility and performance.


Subsonic’s new breed, the S2, is breaking the mold for performance in the ammunition industry. Offering supersonic performance, penetration, and precision, S2 loads are used exclusively with XMP™ projectiles. Able to exploit the near-silence possible with the latest suppressed platforms, this subsonic penetrator reliably cycles semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons.

A2 loads are full power loads used with XMP™ and supercavitating CAV-X™ projectiles. Fired from weapons platforms on the surface, land, or from the air, A2 loads deliver maximum energy and lethality. With CAV-X™ ammunition, this includes submerged targets. *A2 loads are not designed to operate safely in submerged or partially submerged weapons—see the X2 load.