Mission Scenarios

Mission Scenarios.

Engaging targets above the surface from a submerged position has, until now, been impossible for military personnel. Our Cav-X™ ammunition enables divers to fire weapons while submerged, taking out targets on the surface before surfacing themselves. Because of the accuracy, penetration, and energy delivery properties of CAV-X™, not only combatants but cameras, industrial pumps, armored targets, and other critical vulnerabilities are susceptible to attack by small arms fire from underwater.   Additionally, submerged covert divers now have the unheard of ability to defend themselves with their firearms. The versatility of CAV-X™ means that underwater targets are equally susceptible to attack by divers armed only with a rifle.

The ability to fire on underwater targets from surface vessels and aircraft expands the utility of existing platforms for the Coast Guard, Navy, and maritime law enforcement entities. Firing conventional ammunition at submerged targets is completely ineffective if they are more than a few inches beneath the surface, and the potential for surface ricochet presents an unacceptable risk. CAV-X™ projectiles safely continue into the water, even at shallow angles, and retain effective velocity to their targets.

The XMP™, with its precision, penetration, and force delivery render targets previously impervious or resistant to 7.62x51mm fire vulnerable. With twice the energy of available rounds at 500m, and four times as much at 800m, the XMP™ carries 1,356nm (1,000 ft/lbs) of energy to 1,000m and remains supersonic to 1,200m. The mass of the projectile and its unique ballistics allow every end user from snipers to mini-gunners to obtain positive, lethal results on targets previously reserved for larger calibers, and do so at unheard of ranges.

Please see illustrations below that hint at the possibilities of our 21st Century Ammunition!


Defend against threats from above!

With the Cav-X™ X2 Special Forces will now be able to shoot from submerged positions against targets above.Videos

Silent Penetration

Our Subsonic penetrator SUB-P™ product enables warfighters to stay silent in close quarter battle with extra punch. Combined with DSG’s long range technology we provide the ability for a silent sniper shot at combat distances up to 600m range. Optimised projectile design with a heavy tungsten core provides a bullet velocity reduction of no more than 10m/s per 100m flight. The SUB-P™ will continue to cycle the weapon and will penetrate 6-8mm steel targets up to 400m range.Read More

Ricochet free ammunition.

When there is a risk of ricochet with conventional ammunition, the Cav-X™ ammunition will continue into the water down to a shooting angle of 5 degrees. Videos
navy vboat_black_vest_small

Shoot and destroy submerged targets.

The Cav-X™ ammunition enables shooting from air into the water, taking out submerged targets. In muddy waters where the target is impossible to see, a standard sonar will help the shoot placement. Videos
chopper_vs_periscope (1)

Shoot submerged targets from ships or helicopters

With our .50 CAL CAV-X™ ammunition you will get the capability to shoot trough the water and damage a submerged target.Videos

Shoot through the waves.

In stormy waters when it is hard to hit the enemy due to the waves, you will now be able to shoot through the wave and still have effect on the target. Videos

Added force of impact and effective range.

Our 7.62×51 XMP™ rounds provide higher force of impact for penetration and destruction of a target than all known existing standard 7.62×51 rounds, namely “twice more” at 500m range and “four times more” at 800m range, also our rounds stay supersonic about 50% longer range and has about 60-70% reduced wind drift than standard 7.62×51 rounds.Read More
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Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Weaponized Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV´s) is a perfect example of where our .50 cal swimmers could be utilized. Add the capability to shoot into the water as well as reduce the risk of ricochet. Videos

Take out targets above the water.

If you need to take out a target before surfacing the water, or without surfacing at all. The Cav-X™ X2 will enable you to do so. Videos
battle ship_small

Stopping vessels without harming the people onboard.

With our .50 CAL CAV-X™ A2 ammunition you will be able to shoot trough the water and destroy the propeller, or engine of a boat that tries to escape. Videos

When effect on target matters

Our 7.62×51 XMP™ rounds provide increased energy of impact for penetration and destruction of a target than all known existing standard 7.62×51 rounds, namely “twice more at 500m” range and “four times more at 800m” range.
This increased energy at trajectory makes 7.62×51 XMP™ rounds ideal for mini-guns on small helicopters where weight and firing result is critical. More