SUB-P™ – Subsonic Penetrator

Utilizing the same projectile as the XMP™, our SUB-P™ subsonic penetrator accomplishes accuracy and penetration that exceeds most supersonic ammunition at reduced ranges. Unlike other subsonic 7.62x51mm rounds, the SUB-P™ reliably cycles semi-automatic and automatic weapons systems. The lower velocity of the SUB-P™ is ideal for close quarters and urban settings where mitigating overpenetration and avoiding multi-structure impacts are paramount.


DSG’s subsonic penetrator penetrates windscreens inclined up to 30 degrees, including compound angles, without ricochet and with almost no post-barrier deviation. This means that end users can safely engage targets recessed up to 15m beyond deflection barriers, even in proximity to innocents. Used with a suppressor, sound signature is similar to that of a suppressed pistol caliber or subsonic 300 AAC carbine.