Cav-X™/ Supercavitation

What is it?


-Cav-X™ is the enabling technology behind MEA Supercavitation ammunition.


-Cav-X™ is only available through DSG Technology and its licensed partners

-Cav-X™ is scalable to any size or caliber, and is even applicable for rockets, missiles and fast going underwater objects













-When a object (black) encounters a liquid (blue) at high speed (>100 m/s) the fluid pressure behind the object is lowered below the vapour pressure of the liquid, forming a bubble of vapour (a cavity) that encompasses the object.





















-Water resistance in the cavity acts solely on the leading edge.


-Stabilization is achieved through contact with the cavity by rear

of the cavitating core.


-The cavity collapses when velocity of the cavitating core

reduces to approx 100 m/s.









Enhanced Effects of the ‘super’ Cavity:


Near misses are still effective.

- Destructive effect of collapsing cavity even with 200mm near



Cavity persists in water (more than 30meters for 30mm).

- Increases chances of affecting target


Hydro-static shock extends damage-radius.

- More than 1 meter radius in surrounding water volume