DSG Technology

Introducing XMP: eXtreme Material Penetrator

With mass almost twice that of traditional bonded and armor-piercing rounds, the advanced tungsten construction and ballistic profile of XMP delivers consistent performance, stability, and an ability to accomplish single-shot defeats of intermediate barriers, near peer (NIJ) Level 4 body armor, and multiple layers of hardened steel at distances 300m and greater. (7.62×51)

The eXtreme Material Penetrator’s (XMP) tungsten-blend composition and patented geometry provides the most stable heavy projectile on the market today. While maintaining supersonic flight beyond 1100 meters the XMP is changing the definition of "cover" in today's battlefield environment. Methods and materials once thought to offer protection against standard ammunition have been rendered obsolete, creating massive psychological implications for advanced enemies whose body armor has been rendered ineffective almost overnight.

The XMP Suite of projectiles immediately “levels-up” the capabilities of weapons currently in NATO countries inventory, enhancing their scope of use to include anti-material functionality. This solution conserves budget and shortens timelines to deployment, producing an exponential force-multiplier in efficiency and effectiveness of current headcount and systems.