CAV-X™ - Supercavitating Ammunition

Conventional bullets cannot effectively travel through the water for more than a few inches. DSG’s patented CAV-X™ supercavitating ammunition initiates a cavitation bubble that encompasses projectiles from nose to base, preventing contact with the surrounding water. This margin of separation substantially reduces skin friction drag, allowing our rounds to travel at high speed and effectively impact targets underwater. DSG’s 12.7x99mm ammunition does so for up to 60m after breaking the surface.

The tungsten construction of CAV-X™ imparts excellent penetration properties. In addition to direct impact, projectiles traveling at high velocities produce hydrostatic shock that disrupts and damages targets without direct hits.

Aided by SONAR for threat detection and fire guidance, manual and remote weapons stations can implement sensor assistance to counter underwater threats in murky water and low/no-light conditions.

Maritime critical infrastructure (ports, oil platforms, windmills, etc.) is more vulnerable than ever to attack by divers, armed underwater vehicles, and mobile underwater IEDs. Defense of these vital structures is often assigned to the Coast Guard or federal law enforcement, who primarily employ small arms. The inability of standard ammunition to counter these threats demands a means to engage underwater targets accurately and effectively, while maintaining the ability to carry out standard mission requirements on land and on the surface.

The integration of DSG Technology’s revolutionary CAV-X™ ammunition—compatible with existing weapons and vehicle platforms in 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, and 12.7x99mm—is  an easily implementable, instantly effective solution. Our 12.7x99mm round’s tungsten projectile travels up to 60m subsurface and penetrates steel armor after 100m of travel through air and 30m underwater. The innovative design of CAV-X™ allows it to penetrate the surface at angles as low as 2 degrees, effectively eliminating the risk of ricochet and collateral damage in congested maritime environments. With CAV-X™, end users can even engage targets through swells from the bottom of wave troughs.

CAV-X™, with its ability to engage open-air, submerged, and semi-submerged targets is the world’s first true Multi-Environment Ammunition™ (MEA™). The standard A2 load allows traditional open-air and air-to-underwater engagements, while the X2 load is specially tuned to function within pressure parameters for weapons systems fired underwater. The applications for warfighters are limitless, including targeting combat divers from boats, arming unmanned underwater vehicles and swimmer deliver vehicles, and engaging underwater targets with small arms from aerial platforms. The proprietary shape and significant mass of CAV-X™ projectiles enhance penetration capabilities against multi-layer structures and rounded or angled target surfaces. The ability to effectively enter the water at angles as low as 2 degrees virtually eliminates the risk of collateral damage from surface ricochet during dynamic engagements in congested maritime environments.

Gunners shooting towards submerged mini-sub.
Gunner shooting supercavitating cav-x at submerged threat