DSG Technology

CAV-X is the world's first true Multi-Environment Ammunition™ (MEA)

With the versatility to engage targets in open-air, moving along the water line, or fully submerged targets, CAV-X is the world's first true Multi-Environment Ammunition™ (MEA). Modern maritime threats can seem limited only by one's imagination, However with the refinement of DSG’s Patented Supercavitating technology, force protection, anti-mine crews, and combat developers
have a new tool in their toolbox to address these threats.

CAV-X projectiles use Patented geometry to deliver consistent, repeatable, and accurate rounds on target many meters beneath the surface of the water. The use case’s of CAV-X include Air to Water, Water to Water, and Water to Air targeting, giving end users the versatility of using one round for many different mission sets. The perfected geometry of DSG’s CAV-X rounds provide consistent effects through the air to water transitory period, and are able to be fired at angles as flat as 5° while eliminating the risk of ricochet and collateral damage in congested maritime environments.

With CAV-X, DSG has changed the climate of warfare and underwater engagement. With the rapid advancement of Unmanned Systems in today’s battlespace, we believe the capabilities provided by the full suite of supercavitating ammunition is the “unfair advantage” needed to level the playing field against the rise of the machines.