XMP - Xtreme Material Penetrator

This projectile was designed to have extreme penetrating capabilities. 

During development, it was proven extremely capable in penetrating a wide range of materials, in fact so effective that we named it: XMP™ – Xtreme Material Penetration™. A known issue with other armor-piercing ammunition, in general, is the use of carbides, making it less effective for taking out targets that are protected behind multiple layers of materials.

7.62 XMP™ are, as most of the projectiles from DSG Technology, extremely heavy. With the use of traditional calculation, bullets with this weight will not fly stably in barrels with “normal” twist.

Our engineering team had to discard all existing “rules” and look to nature in order to make the impossible possible. After more than 20 years of experiments, DSG Technology now possesses know-how and methods to have .30 projectiles weighing in at 20-gram stable in a 1:10 twist barrel.



With our A2 load XMP™ offer great performance against single layer armor, as well as penetration  of multiple layers of steel. As there historically has not been any need for it, no testing standards  exist for such extreme capabilities, and the projectile is not classified.

We urge clients with the need for taking out targets that are located behind one or more layers  of material; as engines, fuel tanks, radios e.t.c, to shoot this ammunition in comparative tests;  qualifying by real-life scenarios.

Also available in the subsonic S2 load, this projectile is the only known armor piercing subsonic  penetrator. 

Repeatedly this round pierces 10 times thicker plates than anything we have tested against.

When competitors don´t even scratch off the paint on the steel plate at 50 yards, we penetrate it at 300 yards with an accuracy of 1.5 MOA. 

Depending on the weapons configuration, this round will make most  automatic rifles  function in semi/ full automatic.