XMP™ - Xtreme Material Penetrator

The XMP™ projectile combines sub-minute of angle accuracy with massive energy delivery and penetration capabilities at long distances.

 Our research and development team had to overcome issues inherent in the prevalence of carbides in armor-piercing ammunition, such as the inability to consistently penetrate multiple layers of material. Also, the mass of XMP projectiles, almost twice that of traditional bonded and armor-piercing rounds, presented challenges in accomplishing stable flight from barrels with standard twist rates.

By disregarding the rules of internal ballistics, instead looking to nature and the phenomena of stable flight to be found there, DSG Technology engineers now possess the know-how and methodology to extract consistent performance from 298 grain .30 caliber projectiles in 1:12 twist barrels. The advanced tungsten construction and ballistic profile of the XMP™ proved so capable in penetrating a wide range of protective materials that its developers dubbed it the Extreme Material Penetrator. We proudly and confidently offer the result of unparalleled creativity, expertise, and refinement: the XMP™.


Patented XMP™ ammunition offers groundbreaking penetration and sub-minute of angle accuracy. Available in 7.62x51mm, XMP™ projectiles are effective engaging targets recessed up to 15m through automotive, marine, mass transit, and aviation windscreens at angles up to 30 degrees with negligible post-barrier deviation. This precision round accomplishes single shot defeats of intermediate barriers, near-peer and NIJ level 4 body armor, and multiple layers of hardened steel.  The supersonic variant delivers  1,356nm (1,000 ft/lbs) of energy at 1,000m and maintains stable, supersonic flight to 1,200m.