Three different loads to ensure perfection

During the years we have tested a huge variety of different powder loads with our different product families and calibers. We have narrowed all the know-how into three different loads. Our three loads has completely different usage areas and performance. The loads are tested to perfection to achieve specific characteristics 

The Loads explained

This is an overview of our three different loads and the capabilities they bring to our products. For detailed information about performance and BC data on each load and caliber please see our product sheets. 

X2 loads offer capabilities never before being available to the warfighter; A Universal Load, specifically tuned to let your weapon safely being fired from submerged position using supercavitating Cav-X™ ammunition. X2 load functions perfect when fired in air as well, offering unmatched performance. A true MEA.™


Subsonic as you never seen or heard it before, S2 loads are breaking all the rules in the ammunition industry, offering Supersonic performance in Subsonic configuration; Silent Penetration and Precision. S2 loads are purely used for the XMP™ family of ammunition, and enables both semi or full automatic fire.

A2 load are our maximum load used with both XMP™ and supercavitating Cav-X™. A2 load is optimised for firing your weapon in air with maximum effect on target, wherever it is in the air or, when combined with our Cav-X™ technology, submerged. Under no circumstances should ammunition with A2 load be fired submerged, either fully or even partially.