SUB-P™ - Subsonic Penetrator

Using the same projectile as our XMP™ product, with subsonic load the product changes from an extreme penetrator to a subsonic penetrator. To avoid confusion we decided to change the name to Subsonic penetrator. 

The SUB-P™ product is capable of sycling the weapon and penetrate many times more than existing subsonic ammunition available in the market. 

The Subsonic Penetrator is currently available in 7.62×51 caliber.


While reference ammunition does not even scratch the paint of the steel targets, the Sub-P™ was made to have exceptional penetration capabilities against targets without giving away the position of the shooter. It is effective against inclined targets (to 30 degrees), against windscreen barriers, including compound angles, without ricochet and without post-barrier deviation. The ‘Subsonic Penetrator’ can penetrate a 5mm AR500 steel-plate at 100 yards range and defeat NIJ 0101.06 body armor.