Mission Scenarios.

Never before have soldiers had the capability to take out targets in air from a submerged position. Whether it is a CCTV camera, a water pump, antenna or an enemy. Our Cav-X ammunition enables divers to fire their weapon from a submerged position, taking out targets on the surface before surfacing themselves. Divers will additionally now have the capabilities to defend themselves under water against enemies and wildlife. Additionally, taking out submerged targets such as listening pipes e.t.c will also be effective with this ammunition. 

Shooting from the air into the water will give new capabilities to Navy and coastguard. Shooting against targets in water, where conventional ammunition would represent a risk of bullet ricochet is no longer an issue with our Cav-X supercavitating rounds, since the projectiles continue into the water. 

Our 7.62×51 XMP rounds has “close to”  the same penetration effect on target as a standard .50 caliber ball, which makes it ideal to use in a mini-gun on a small helicopter where weight is critical. 

Below you will see some illustrations that will give some hints about new possibilities our ammunition can represent.

Defend against threats from above!
With the Cav-X X2 Special Forces will now be able to shoot from submerged positions against targets above.
Close Quarter Battle
Our Subsonic penetrator "SUB-P" product enables warfighters to stay silent with extra punch. The SUB-P will continue to cycle the weapon and will penetrate steel.
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Ricochet free ammunition.
When there is a risk of ricochet with conventional ammunition, the Cav-X ammunition will continue into the water down to a shooting angle of 5 degrees.
Shoot and destroy submerged targets.
The Cav-X ammunition enables shooting from air into the water, taking out submerged targets. In muddy waters where the target is impossible to see, a standard sonar will help the shoot placement.
Shoot submerged targets from helicopter
With our .50 CAL CAV-X A2 ammunition we are currently testing the capability to shoot trough the water and damage a submerged target. Effective range in water is 60 meters, and our .50 cal projectile has been tested to penetrate two 1cm steel plates after 15-17 meters travel in water.
Shoot through the waves.
In stormy waters when it is hard to hit the enemy due to the waves, you will now be able to shoot through the wave and still have effect on the target.
Unmanned Surface Veichles
Weaponized Unmanned Surface Veichles (USV´s) is a perfect example of where our .50 cal swimmers could be utilized. Add the capability to shoot into the water as well as reduce the risk of ricochet.
Take out targets above the water.
If you need to take out a target before surfacing the water, or without surfacing at all. The Cav-X X2 will enable you to do so.
Stopping vessels without harming the people onboard.
With our .50 CAL CAV-X A2 ammunition you will be able to shoot trough the water and destroy the propeller, or engine of a boat that tries to escape.
When weight matters
Our 7,62x51 XMP rounds has proven to have "close to" the same penetration effect as a standard NATO .50 CAL ball. With the weight of the XMP being just a third of the .50 CAL, you will now be able to carry three times as much ammo in small choppers with a mounted mini-gun.